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How a PFA, Protection from abuse order, During a Custody Battle Could Negatively Affect You

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How a PFA Against You Can Negatively Impact Your Custody Case

Navigating a custody case is often challenging and emotionally taxing, but the stakes become even higher when a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order is involved. In Pennsylvania, a PFA order can be issued against you to protect another parent or the child, drastically altering the dynamics of your custody case. Understanding the profound implications of a PFA on your custody rights is crucial for safeguarding your relationship with your child and effectively managing your legal strategy.

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Understanding PFAs in Pennsylvania

A Protection From Abuse order is a legal injunction designed to protect victims of domestic violence. It can be filed by a family member, intimate partner, or even on behalf of a child, offering a range of protections that can include no-contact orders, eviction from a shared residence, and temporary custody arrangements.

Immediate Implications for Custody

  1. Loss of Custody Rights: When a PFA is issued, the judge may grant the petitioner (the other parent or guardian) temporary custody of the child. This immediate change can disrupt your parental relationship and set a negative precedent in subsequent custody hearings.
  2. Supervised Visitation: In many cases, a PFA can lead to an order for supervised visitation. This arrangement severely limits your interaction with your child, which can be emotionally distressing and affect the bond you share.

Long-term Consequences

  1. Perception of Violence: A PFA indicates to the court that there is a belief of potential danger to the child or the other parent. This perception can heavily influence a judge’s decisions regarding custody and visitation rights. The court prioritizes the safety and well-being of the child, often erring on the side of caution.
  2. Impact on Character Evaluation: Custody decisions are influenced by an evaluation of each parent’s character. A PFA on your record can paint a picture of you as a potentially dangerous individual, undermining your credibility and fitness as a parent in the eyes of the court.
  3. Legal Bias and Prejudice: While the legal system strives for impartiality, the presence of a PFA can introduce a bias against you. Judges may be more skeptical of your testimony and intentions, making it more challenging to argue for joint or primary custody.

The Potential for Misuse

Unfortunately, PFAs can sometimes be used as a strategic tool against good parents within the court system. False allegations or exaggerated claims may be employed to gain an advantage in custody disputes. This misuse of the PFA system can unjustly impact your parental rights and relationship with your child.

Fighting a PFA

If you find yourself facing a PFA, it is critical to know that you can and should fight these charges. Challenging the PFA is essential to protect your reputation and your rights as a parent. An experienced family law attorney can help you build a robust defense to contest the allegations, ensuring that the court hears your side of the story.

Strategic Considerations

  1. Legal Representation: Engaging an experienced family law attorney is essential. They can help you understand the specifics of the PFA and develop a strategy to counteract its negative effects on your custody case.
  2. Compliance with the PFA: Strict adherence to the terms of the PFA is critical. Demonstrating respect for the court’s orders can positively influence subsequent rulings and showcase your willingness to cooperate and act responsibly.
  3. Gathering Evidence: Documenting any false allegations and collecting evidence of your positive interactions with the child can be pivotal. Character witnesses, documentation of your involvement in the child’s life, and proof of a safe, stable home environment can all bolster your case.
  4. Counseling and Rehabilitation Programs: Participation in counseling or rehabilitation programs can also demonstrate your commitment to personal improvement and the well-being of your child. This proactive approach can be a significant factor in persuading the court to reconsider restrictive measures.


A Protection From Abuse order can dramatically influence the trajectory of your custody case in Pennsylvania. The implications are far-reaching, affecting immediate custody arrangements, visitation rights, and long-term perceptions of your character and fitness as a parent. However, with the right legal representation and a strategic approach, it is possible to mitigate these negative impacts and work towards a favorable custody arrangement. If you are facing a PFA in your custody case, don’t hesitate to seek professional legal guidance to protect your rights and your relationship with your child.

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By providing a comprehensive understanding of how a PFA can impact a custody case, this blog post aims to highlight the urgency and necessity of professional legal intervention. Contact us today to ensure your rights are protected and to secure the best possible outcome for you and your child.

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