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Divorce and Custody

I have the family law experience to help you win your desired outcome, including spousal support, custody, and/or visitation.


I’ll help you avoid jail time, maintain your driving privileges, and in some cases even receive a full case dismissal for your DUI.

Felony Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, you need experienced representation to help you avoid a guilty verdict. I can help.

Post Conviction Relief

If new evidence has been discovered, you received poor counsel, or there was a sentencing error during your trial, I can help you obtain post-conviction relief.

As a former Assistant DA, Dave knows the prosecution’s strategies

Aggressive case management and one-on-one attention

“Just because you’ve been accused doesn’t mean you’re guilty. As a former prosecutor and ongoing court-appointed Guardian at Litem, I have handled thousands of cases. I know the criminal justice and family court systems inside and out, and I use my expertise to ensure that your rights are protected. With me at your side, you’ll get the best outcome possible.”

Attorney Dave Wenger

Aggressive Case Management

I represent my clients aggressively and affordably, getting you the best outcomes possible. If you’re in legal trouble, you need the best criminal defense team on your side so you can go back to living your life.

Assault and theft

Integrity and Commitment

If you have been arrested, you need a knowledgeable and determined criminal defense attorney supporting you. With my relentless dedication and integrity, I will find the best solution, no matter how serious the charges against you.

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Benefit from the insider knowledge of a former Assistant DA

I know the prosecution’s strategies because I used to do their job. You’ll benefit from my insider knowledge and legal expertise.

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DUI Court Process

Learn more about what happens when you’re charged with a DUI.

Criminal Court Process

What happens during the criminal court process?

Family Court Process

Find out more about how to navigate the family court process.

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