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Child Custody cases are always unique situations which often have many moving parts. Because of the sensitivity of these cases, you need an experienced legal professional who understands the importance of having both a short term and long term strategy to win your case.

Attorney Wenger gained his expertise in child custody by working in the role of an attorney for the child, also known as a Guardian Ad Litem. This is when he represents the “Childs best interest” with and sometimes against the attorneys representing the parents. While holding this esteemed position within various situations, he learned the skills to evaluate the most important of the factors a judge uses to decide custody in the state of Pennsylvania.

While it’s in the best interest of the parties to agree on a mutually beneficial parenting plan, Attorney Wenger knows that child custody issues are multi-faceted and many times, high conflict situations.

Family is everything. Take your first step by booking a free custody strategy session now.

I represent my clients aggressively and affordably.

Award winning attorney
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award winning attorney
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