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Modifying Child Custody Orders

By October 26, 2023January 26th, 2024No Comments

Are you facing challenges with your existing child custody arrangement in Pennsylvania? Life circumstances change, and sometimes, your child custody order should too. Our team is here to guide you through the process of modifying child custody orders in the state of Pennsylvania.

Why Modify a Child Custody Order?

Life doesn’t stand still, and neither should your child custody arrangement. There are several valid reasons to consider modifying your child custody order:

1. Change in Circumstances: If either parent’s circumstances have significantly changed since the original custody order, such as job relocation, remarriage, or changes in the child’s needs, a modification may be necessary.

2. Child’s Best Interests: The court’s primary concern is always the best interests of the child. If modifying the custody order would better serve your child’s physical or emotional well-being, it’s worth exploring.

3. Parental Relocation: If one parent plans to move a substantial distance, this can affect the existing custody arrangement and may require modification.

How Our Child Custody Lawyers Can Help

Attorney Wenger specializes in Pennsylvania family law and can assist you in the following ways:

1. Assess Your Situation: We’ll carefully evaluate your specific circumstances to determine if a modification is warranted and in the best interests of your child.

2. Negotiate with the Other Party: We can work with the other parent and their legal representation to reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved.

3. Court Representation: If an agreement cannot be reached, we are fully prepared to represent you in court and present a compelling case to the judge.

4. Paperwork and Legal Procedures: Navigating the legal paperwork and procedures involved in modifying a child custody order can be complex. Our team will ensure all documentation is correctly filed and presented.

Ready to explore the possibility of modifying your child custody order in Pennsylvania? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our team. We’re here to support you in securing the best possible outcome for your child’s future.

Your child’s well-being is our top priority. Let us help you navigate the path to a more suitable child custody arrangement in Pennsylvania.

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