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Schedule 1 Drugs Punishment

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Schedule 1 Drugs Punishments in PA

Schedule 1 covers some of the most dangerous and addictive drugs on the market. The penalties for possession can be severe.

Under the US Controlled Substances Act, drugs are broken down into five categories, I to V, depending on their potential for addiction and abuse. The most serious of these is Schedule I. Being found in possession of Schedule I drugs, or attempting to distribute, could lead to a long prison sentence. If you’re facing a charge, therefore, the first thing you should do is consult a lawyer.

What’s included in Schedule I?

The Federal Government defines Schedule 1 drugs as being those with no medicinal use and a high potential for abuse as well as high psychological and physical dependence. These are the most dangerous drugs and include the likes of marijuana, heroin, LSD and MDMA.

Below that you have Schedule II drugs such as cocaine which are still highly addictive, followed by schedules III, IV and V which are progressively less serious and may include medications which can be taken with a prescription.


Penalties for Schedule I

The penalties for possession or distribution of Schedule I drugs are severe. For a first offense, you can face fines as high as $5,000 and a year in prison. Subsequent offenses will attract higher fines and longer prison sentences, but the effects do not end there.

For the first conviction, your driving license will be suspended for six months. For the second it will be a year and a third will be two years. This law can have a devastating impact on people with a drug problem.

Each time they are convicted, they receive a longer suspension which means many people will not be able to drive legally for many years. This can have an ongoing impact on their ability to get around and hold down jobs.

Many people therefore end up driving while suspended which can put them in line for even more sanctions. It’s a vicious cycle from which it can feel almost impossible to escape.

Your entire life can be affected. A conviction for possession, or the much more serious charge of intention to distribute, will go on your permanent criminal record. You’ll find it difficult to get a job, secure credit or get a house.

If you are charged, therefore, it pays to consult a lawyer, which is where we come in. Every year, we work with hundreds of people who have been charged with possessing a section I drug. In each case, we’ll work aggressively to further the best interests of our clients.

Our first goal will be to have the charges dismissed. We’ll examine the evidence brought against you, identify any weaknesses and see if it’s possible to fight the charge. Even if this is not possible, we will then work to reduce the length of a sentence or have the charges downgraded.

At a time when it feels as if the whole force of the law is ranged against you, it helps you have an expert on your side. Give us a call for an informal discussion to see how we can help.

I represent my clients aggressively and affordably.


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