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Possession of drug charges

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Drugs are of different types, and willingly consuming illegal drugs is consistently prohibited in every country.

These illegal drugs have been specified in a category known as controlled dangerous substances (CDS). The government of every country manages the possession of drugs or these controlled hazardous substances. If you are in a country like Pennsylvania, you must know the rules and regulations of the PA government. In addition, you must know the PA government classifies Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin under the CDS category.

How does PA categorize drugs?

The Federal law and Pennsylvania both classify the drugs under “Schedules”. These schedules contain the list of the less and most dangerous drugs. Penalties vary according to the danger of the drugs, and thier probability to harm the human body. Let’s look at the following schedules formulated by the PA government.

Schedule I:  Under Schedule I, here comes a list of some dangerous drugs like Marijuana, heroin, LSD, MDMA because these have a probability of leaving a hazardous impact on the body.

Schedule II: Crystal meth (methamphetamines), cocaine, oxycodone come under schedule II. These drugs are used for medical treatment but have severe restrictions too.

Schedule III: In the third schedule, the list comprises ketamine, Vicodin, barbiturates, and anabolic steroids. These drugs are used for treatment because they have a higher therapeutic value than the potential abuse to the human body.

Schedule IV

Klonopin, Soma, Valium, Xanax have higher values when treating any disease. These have high medicinal value to be treated as therapeutic.

Schedule V

Under this last schedule comes several cough syrups as they have a small quality of codeine in them. Such a small amount is used to suppress the cough. It is used carefully in the formulation of cough suppressants. These drugs have high medical value rather than hazards.


What are the drug charges for a guilty person?

The penalties in case of violating the laws of Pennsylvania are pretty simple. For your information, it is strictly prohibited to consume the CDS. If anyone intakes the CDS without the permission of a valid medical prescription, that person comes under the guilty verdict. Considering the felonies and misdemeanors, there are three basic felonies and two basic misdemeanors. Felony is a serious crime than a misdemeanor. If the person is found guilty under the misdemeanor possession of drugs, he/she will be charged $5000 and a year in jail.


In case having possession of fewer than 30 grams of Marijuana leads to a fine of $500 and one year in prison. The frequent offenses may also double the penalty. There are several penalties for the unlawful manufacturing of the drugs and felony possession of intending to deliver the CDS to the masses.


The law is equal for every drug offender, and even there are laws for drug paraphernalia. No one can cultivate, plant, or propagate the drugs, not even store and test them. Those found guilty of drug paraphernalia get imprisonment of twelve months and get charged with a fine of $2500.


Note: Studies from say that Psychostimultant overdose increased deaths by 28% from 2018-to 2019. Pennsylvania law thus prevents the use of the synthetic opioid Fentanyl because it is riskier than heroin if overdosed.

How talking to an attorney can help?

Drug and CDS possessions can cause harsh times and ampler fines. If anyone in your friends or family has been found guilty of possessing illegal substances, you must visit your local defense CDS lawyer. Experienced attorneys can protect you from serious to simple charges. The laws and penalties related to CDS and possession of drugs can lead to hefty fines followed by a prolonged jail sentence.

Intent to distribute drugs is a chargeable offense for those who sell and share them with friends. You can also be considered a drug distributor if you possess more than 30 grams of CDS. So, this is high time to immediately consult an experienced attorney who can handle the case and assure you a sigh of relief.

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